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Top 5 Activities To Do at Stowe Mountain

Our Airbnbs in Vermont are in the perfect location for a winter getaway. In a short 15 minute drive to Stowe Village you will be at the center of the best shopping, dining, and activities in the area. We highly recommend that our guests head over to Stowe Mountain and enjoy many skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, après-ski dining, and more! You can view our top 5 winter activities to do at Stowe Mountain here!

Top 5 Activities To Do at Stowe Mountain


Ice Skating: Our favorite family-friendly activity during the winter has to be ice skating! Even if you are not one to hop on the rink, it is so enjoyable to watch kids of all ages (YES - adults can still be kids too!) smiling and laughing as they take their laps around the ice. If you can get a reservation right around sunset, we highly recommend it. The magical hues of pink and blue in the sky fade to black as you skate under the twinkling lights above the rink! You can even reserve one of the WhistlePig Pergolas, where you can nosh on apple cider donuts and various other appetizers or sip hot chocolate when you need a break (see Activity #3 for some more photos of the Pergolas!)!


Après-Ski Dining in an Igloo: There is no shortage of wonderful restaurant at Stowe Mountain. Our favorite experience by far is dining in one of the private igloos on the Mansfield Terrace. Not only do the igloos offer stunning views of Mount Mansfield, but the menu features amazing sushi dishes! You can even organize a chef-curated 5 course dinner with beverage pairings for your party of up to 6 people. The igloos were heated and they even provided the cutest plaid blankets to stay cozy in.


Whiskey Tasting at The WhistlePig Pavilion: The WhistlePig Pavilion is the perfect place to head for some inspired WhistlePig Rye Whiskey cocktails after a long day of skiing or riding! It offers views of both the slopes and the ice rink - perfect for people watching - and a unique yet authentic-to-Vermont menu! Enjoy a “shot ski” or sample their various whiskey flights. If you are not a whiskey drinker, they also have a variety of Vermont Craft Beers or you can enjoy their delicious open fire raclette cheese appetizers!


Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub: The Lodge at Spruce Peak has a beautiful outdoor heated pool and hot tub area! The best part about it is you can access the pool from inside so you never have to step out into the cold. Unless, that is, you want to make some snow angels before hopping back in one of the two massive Jacuzzi hot tubs! What better way to relax after a long day than to admire the views of Mount Mansfield while soaking away with your loved ones.


Ski & Ride: Last but not least - of course, skiing and snowboarding makes the list! Stowe is famous for their trails on Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont with an elevation of 4,395 feet! Plus, the trails range from beginner slopes to expert level black diamond runs so there is fun to be had for everyone!

If I could add a 6th activity to this list it would have to be a visit to the spa! Who doesn't love a great massage on vacation (especially if there is skiing involved - SORE MUSCLES GALORE!)? The Spa at Spruce Peak also offers skin and body treatments,, cryotherapy, saunas, and more.

There are endless possibilities for fun, family-friendly winter activities at Stowe Mountain, so on your next visit to one of our Oasis Airbnbs be sure to check it out! Let us know if you take the trip and, as always, ENJOY!

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