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When investing in commercial real estate, there are endless amounts of benefits! But like any good investment, you should do your research before putting your money down. Our team is here to help you through this process.


Commercial and residential real estate are two very different property investments that each have their own benefits. Unlike residential real estate, commercial real estate is much less competitive and will be easier for you to purchase. The upward trend in residential real estate prices would make this a much more expensive time to enter the market. There are also fewer tenant issues involved with commercial real estate. The relationship with your tenants is professional in nature and will result in more on-time payments and lower turnover. Most tenants will want to root their business down and want to stay in that location, as opposed to residential tenants who are likely to have a much higher turnover rate.

Manufacturing Solutions Inc., 153 Stafford Avenue, Morrisville VT Commercial Real Estate Vemont


Commercial property often has a much higher price tag than a residential real estate property and will result in a much higher rent price. Growing your portfolio with commercial real estate will help diversify and create stability in your income. With commercial real estate prices low and the world returning to normalcy, purchasing commercial property will prove to be a lucrative endeavor. 

Manufacturing Solutions Inc., 153 Stafford Avenue, Morrisville VT Commercial Real Estate Vemont


Due to the professional nature of your property, it is typically in your tenant's best interest to help maintain the property and keep the space in good condition. Your interest in the property will be aligned with theirs in wanting it to be well kept, putting your mind at ease. You will also be able to rest easier at night knowing that the property is only going to be in use during normal business hours. You will be free from random late-night phone calls about issues and will have the property maintained by a security system throughout the night.

Commercial Real Estate Vemont
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